The Truth About Heart Disease

It is that time of year again when we are encouraged to wear red to increase awareness of heart disease in women. Here are the unsettling facts about heart disease in women:
-Heart disease causes 1 in 3 women’s deaths each year, killing one woman every minute
-90% of women have one or more risk factors for developing heart disease
-Since 1984, more women than men have died each year from heart disease and the gap between men and women’s survival continues to widen
-While 1 in 31 American women dies from breast cancer each year, 1 in 3 dies of heart disease
The Go Red for Women’s message is simple- “It’s time to focus on finding, and becoming the solution. It’s time to go red!”
Further information from the American Heart Association in terms of how to prevent heart disease specifies “caring for your heart through a healthy diet and regular physical activity is the secret weapon to preventing heart disease. While many may assume that popping a few pills that your healthcare provider prescribed is enough to quell symptoms or prevent a heart attack, the real preventative power lies with real changes to your lifestyle, which can reduce the risk factor for heart disease by as much as 80%.” They go on to list Life’s Simple Seven:
-Get active: 40 minutes of aerobic exercise 4 times a week
-Control Cholesterol
-Eat better (veggies, fish, unrefined fiber-rich whole-grain foods, less sugar and saturated fats)
-Manage blood pressure
-Lose weight
-Reduce blood sugar
-Stop smoking
In addition, they add these helpful hints:
-Know your family history of heart disease
-Get the sleep you need
-Practice portion control with your food
-Reduce stress in your life
My favorite part in the AMA’s information is their section entitled HEART HEALTHY AT 50:
“As women age, we lose some of our body’s natural defenses against heart disease. This can happen because of changes in hormones from menopause, which can affect your cholesterol levels. Also, type 2 diabetes usually develops in women after age 45. Hormonal changes that usually take place in our late 40’s and 50’s make our health an even greater consideration as we age. Understand how menopause could impact your heart health and learn more about hormonal treatment therapies. Play an active role in your healthcare and work with your doctor to determine if you have any heart disease risk factors. If you are already at risk, ask your doctor how you can reduce it:
-Get heart screenings
-Know your numbers
-Watch what you eat
-Get physical”
About a year ago, I wrote an article entitled “Customized Bioidentical Hormones and Heart Health” where I talked about what we know in regards to positively impacting the prevention of heart disease. We know that bioidentical estrogen has positive effects on cardiovascular health because it is a vasodilator and actually relaxes the endothelial lining of the blood vessels, thus lowering the risk of blood clots. Bioidentical progesterone is a natural diuretic. It lowers blood volume, thus lowering blood pressure and putting less stress on the cardiovascular system. In addition, testosterone therapy impacts the effectiveness of the heart by improving muscle contractility and strength.
It is important to understand that maintaining cardiovascular health with physiological dosing of BHRT (estradiol, progesterone and testosterone), along with diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplements can greatly impact cardiovascular health. Current belief by Functional Medicine doctors and anti-aging experts concur that cardiovascular disease is caused by inflammation, stress and an overactive immune response. Furthermore, foods that contain transfats, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup can cause excessive inflammatory reactions within the linings of blood vessels that lead to clots and cardiovascular events (stroke and heart attack). Taking omega 3’s, aged garlic, niacin, resveretrol and N-acetyl cystine in conjunction with drug therapy (low dose statins and ace inhibitors) can greatly reduce inflammatory factors and help prevent cardiovascular events. These strategies offer the best protection and prevention of heart disease.
Compare the difference in the body of knowledge and the health tips between the American Medical Association and A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine) And I have to ask WHY? Why isn’t the knowledge I know, common knowledge? Why isn’t our current standard of care up to speed with this important life-changing information? There are studies ( & Reading/Practitioner’s Resources) available. We give them out at our Happy Hormone Cottages.
Wearing red to promote heart health awareness, like wearing purple to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s, is not a bad thing. It just isn’t enough. We need to continue to spread the word on the truth of hormone balance and how IT positively impacts heart health. The truth is that the latest information shows that “refilling our hormone tanks” is critical for the prevention of heart disease, breast cancer, dementia and osteoporosis. We need to continue to get the word out by educating and empowering women so they can educate their doctors. We MUST stop focusing on menopause and broaden the perspective to HORMONE IMBALANCE that plagues all women after age 35. Yes, the 7 Healthy Heart Tips make sense. But, in addition, we need to be refilling our hormone tanks for our best health naturally. Estrogen alone performs over 300 jobs in our bodies. We begin to lose our estrogen as we enter menopause (whereas we begin to lose progesterone around age 35….thus we consider this a hormone imbalance issue as opposed to a menopause issue). If we don’t replenish our estrogen receptors, how are these jobs going to get done? And I don’t consider slapping on an estrogen patch or taking an estradiol pill refilling our hormone receptors. I’m talking about physiological dosing of customized BHRT for EACH woman based on her test results (and not determined through blood serum).
It is imperative we do everything we can to own our own journey to our heart health by not only adopting the 7 Healthy Heart Tips from the AMA, but by also REFILLING OUR HORMONE TANKS, reducing the foods we eat that contain transfats, sugar and high fructose corn syrup, taking omega 3’s and the other supplements mentioned above that reduce inflammation and help prevent cardiovascular events. And yes, we can continue to wear red! I only hope we can continue to broaden our perspective to include this holistic health approach discussed above, as well.

“I Don’t Do Hormones. They Cause Cancer”

I was at a recent book signing for my book, “Own Your Journey,” and a cute little lady of around 80 years old walked by, saw my “Own Your Journey to Optimal Hormone Balance” sign and said, “I don’t do hormones. They cause cancer.” I had to laugh! It struck me as funny that she would think I was sitting there promoting cancer; as if I was handing it out. “Step right up and get your cancer.” Goodness! But the sad truth is that much confusion remains, and is often perpetuated by the media, in this area of hormone balance. With the 2002 report from the Women’s Health Initiative on hormones: WH1-estrogen plus progestin, much confusion and misinformation reigns. I actually began my Happy Hormone Cottage in 2009 for the express purpose of clearing up this confusion. My job is to fill the gap between the information we often receive from our healthcare practitioners and the media vs the truth of hormones and hormone replacement. The best, simplest article I have read on this recently is by Dr Jennifer Landa, “Combatting Weight Gain After Menopause,” published October 6, 2014. Dr Landa writes, “Part of why Bioidentical HRT gets a bad rap-and so many women miss out on the relief it provides-is because conventional HRT, in which synthetic hormones are used, was shown to increase risk of breast cancer, heart attack and other problems for women in a 2002 landmark study called The Women’s Health Initiative. As a result, many doctors were too quick to assume that all hormone replacement therapy is dangerous. BUT IT JUST ISN’T SO. These women were taking synthetic, non-bioidentical hormones that are different from what the body produces naturally. Synthetic hormones pose higher risk because they aren’t the same as what your body produces-so they have unnatural consequences.

Bioidentical hormone therapy, by contrast, uses more natural hormones that biologically mirror those made by your ovaries. Research shows that the specific combination of Bioidentical estradiol and progesterone improves bone strength, reduces weight, and improves cholesterol levels in women. And in case all the hype about hormone replacement and breast cancer has scared you, rest assured: **A very large study in France (the Fornier study) showed that there is no increased risk of breast cancer among women taking a combination of estrogen and progesterone. Progestins, however, are the synthetic of progesterone and have been shown to increase breast cancer risk (Provera and Prempro) so you will want to avoid those.”

Dr Landa continues, “While the goal of Bioidentical HRT is to get your estrogen levels back up, which will help ward off the pounds, keep your bones strong and your heart healthy, it cannot be safely prescribed unless progesterone is also prescribed. I recommend that you ask for estradiol, the most commonly prescribed estrogen, through the skin, as well as micronized progesterone, a form that is the same as what your body produces naturally. For a more personalized hormone therapy approach, you may consider seeing a hormone specialist with additional training in Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.”

Thank you, Dr Landa, for this information. I also highly recommend Dr Jeffrey Dach’s new book, “Bioidentical Hormones 101- Made Exceedingly Simple” as an easy-to-read informative resource on the truth of Bhrt. He also wrote a great article, “Waking Up from the Synthetic Hormone Nightmare,” where he uncovers the 7 Myths and Misconceptions of Bhrt. He also writes about the fact that there are at least 60 documented “studies” that were written by ghost writers. Ghost writers are hired by drug companies to write about the benefits of their hormone product, downplaying their risks, while shedding doubt on the benefits and truth of Bhrt. And doctors are reading these “studies.” So is it any wonder that there is so much confusion and misinformation in this area of women’s health? Not to beat a dead horse, but this is exactly why we each must own our journey to natural hormone balance. And this begins by being willing to question our beliefs!

Our Happy Hormone Cottage is exactly one of those “hormone specialists” Dr Landa writes about. Our purpose is two-fold:

-as an educational facility that validates each woman’s journey and then educates her on her options (we have studies, readings & resources on our website, and books on Bhrt) to clear up the confusion.

-as a medical facility where we test our clients hormone levels in several areas: sex hormones, adrenal glands and thyroid, using our innovative FDA-approved Thyroflex machine. Our nurse practitioner writes the customized prescription therapy for each client based on both lab results AND the issues brought to the 45-60 minute consultation where she addresses concerns and questions by our clients. Our hormone prescriptions are compounded micronized progesterone, bi estrogen and testosterone (as needed and based on our cutting edge lab testing) creams that are used vaginally so all hormone receptors can be refilled. Refilling depleted hormone receptors that deplete with age is necessary for preventing diseases as we age. We never limit our perspective to “menopause.” We opt for the bigger perspective of hormone imbalance, that starts around age 35, and sometimes younger. Finally, we do NOT believe in giving our bodies supra-physiological doses of any one hormone. This does not make sense to us and our functional medicine/holistic health perspective. We only give physiological doses of our Bhrt creams. This means we only give each woman what her body needs. We follow up with each client frequently, have them come back for a 3 month follow up visit with our nurse practitioner, and recheck hormone levels in all 3 areas, as needed, annually. I am proud of our journey over the past 5+ years, and I am excited to embark on the next 5 years of validating, educating and treating women for their highest quality of life.
For more information, or to schedule your consultation, call us at 513-444-6343. We look forward to serving you!

So Many Women……..So Much New Research!

I look around me every day to the women over 35 I see, and I think to myself, “You really need me. I have such compassion for you. How will I get the truth, based on research and studies, to you? When will you begin to question your beliefs and be open to this truth?” You see, I opened my Happy Hormone Cottage in the Heart of Centerville more than 5 years ago, to talk with women about their bodies and holistic health. I knew I couldn’t change standard of care, doctors’ opinions or big pharmaceutical company’s agendas. But I knew I could impact women, one woman at a time. Women showed up, were validated, educated, treated and got better. They began to tell their family and friends, who in turn told their inner circle, and word spread. We have 5 local Happy Hormone Cottages and we have a good reputation in the community for really helping women understand their bodies, embrace a holistic hormone path, and empower a change for the better. As an educator for over 30 years, I understand that real learning involves a change in behavior. This is why we are an educational facility first, and a medical facility second.
So my new campaign is centered around this new research: “We need to REFILL OUR HORMONE TANKS for a high quality of life that is disease preventative.” I think many women assume that our HHC only deals with menopause, so if they aren’t of that age, it doesn’t apply to them. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are all about building awareness around the subject of hormone imbalance:

> What It Is: Hormone imbalance is what happens to women over age 35 when their progesterone levels begin to deplete. This happens to ALL women and is part of the aging process. This attendant loss of progesterone leads to estrogen dominance and introduces the potential for a wealth of issues:
-sugar cravings
-aches & pains
-increased risk of breast cancer
-since estrogen is a FAT STORER, weight gain becomes an issue (think “love handles”)
-accompanying this is often adrenal fatigue and irregular/inconsistent cortisol levels

> Who It Happens To: As stated above, hormone imbalance affects all women over the age of 35, and often younger, as part of the aging process. We have some 20 year olds on therapy. Hormone imbalance happens to everyone. Yes, even men! Again, hormone imbalance is part of the aging process.

> How We Correct This Imbalance: Correcting hormone imbalance happens by refilling our hormone tanks with individualized, customized therapy that can be adjusted as we age. Refilling our hormone tanks is KEY for a life with a lower risk for disease (heart disease, dementia, osteoporosis and breast cancer). In short, it is our anti-aging strategy.

So, if hormone imbalance happens to everyone and is part of the aging process, why aren’t our healthcare practitioners all over this? We know our doctors have our best health at heart. They are good guys. The problem is doctors know what they know. Most don’t know hormone imbalance. Why not? It isn’t taught in medical school and there is a lot of newer research that doctors would have to wade through. Therefore, most of our doctors, unless they are trained in Functional Medicine (the study of holistic health) don’t know this piece. In addition, they are visited by drug reps for the latest, greatest drugs to band-aid symptoms of issues. So for hot flashes, estrogen patches are given. For anxiety and depression, antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds are prescribed. For sleep issues, a sleeping aid is prescribed. See the difference?In contrast, OUR nurse practitioner checks hormone levels in cutting edge, dried urine strip testing, and using these labs and your body’s biofeedback, creates a customized, compounded strategy that refills our hormone tanks, heals exhausted adrenal glands and addresses proper supplementation. It is a strategy for life that fixes the cause of the imbalance. This is very different than slapping on an estrogen patch, which promotes even more estrogen dominance and raises our risk for breast cancer; not to mention weight gain. Why do we do this?
Knowing this information now, what will prevent you from visiting our HHC to REFILL YOUR HORMONE TANKS? Let’s address the excuses:

1) Expense- Initial consultations cost $25. Cost of testing and to see our nurse practitioner is reimbursable by most insurance policies. The cost of therapy and supplements is about the cost of a latte a day. Progesterone is $1 a day. I always ask the question, “Hm-m-m-m,
how much will it cost to address a disease that could have been prevented by refilling your hormone tank?” I am reminded of Dr Prudence Hall’s famous quote, “Hormones are to women, what water is to plants.”

2) Time- I believe we all do what is most important to us. Our health is the most important thing we have. I think the more important question is, how can we NOT make the time to do what it takes to keep our body functioning at optimal levels? As our hormone receptors begin to deplete at age 35, the biggest complaint I hear from women is that they have lost their joy of life. Their energy is waning, their libido is gone, they are gaining weight, and they are tired. What a sad way to live. We must refill our hormone tanks for a high quality of life full of energy, libido, and a zest for life. We know this is best accomplished through hormone balancing of all of our sex hormones and cortisol AND by looking at the function of the thyroid with our new innovative Thyroflex machine.

3) Knowledge-In this arena of hormone balance, it truly is up to us to own our own journey. The research IS out there. But the media likes to recycle the 10 year old misinformation and myths surrounding BHRT, with the big pharmaceutical agenda, so the waters are kept muddy on purpose and confusion reigns. Our goal at the Happy Hormone Cottage is to UN-confuse our clients by sharing with them the latest research in the form of studies (written by doctors) and a plethora of books and articles. You can go to my website at and click on Resources/Readings for the latest information. *We also provide a Practitioner’s Resources section full of studies, for healthcare practitioners to aid them in their information gathering and knowledge-base, as well. I urge you to send your doctors there. If they are engaged in learning about this information along with you, it allows for a more well-rounded, honest conversation based on truth….and not misinformation that was gleaned from a newspaper article or seen on tv with misinformation and untruths.

I hope this information is helpful in clearing up the truth about hormone balance. We MUST REFILL OUR HORMONE TANKS for our BEST HEALTH NATURALLY. We MUST OWN OUR OWN JOURNEY. I look forward to serving you at our cottage, to help answer your questions, provide you with the latest information, and to guide you on your path to a healthier life. We are women helping women for wellness and we look forward to working with you!

We Help Women All Over the Country

This email just in: “Hi Lyn, I am looking to get more information on your services. I am out of your area. Can you work with me and other women like me, who don’t live near you? I am interested in hormone testing as well as thyroid testing. I went through menopause very early, along with having other issues that I suspect may be hormone related. Other questions I have are -once you are so on Bhrt, are you on it for life? Are there long term side effects? Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thank you!”
My response: “Thank you for your email. We DO work with women all over the country. You can set up a phone consultation by calling our office at 513-444-6343. Through this consultation, you can get information and education on hormone imbalance (a much broader perspective than menopause) and the necessity and importance of refilling our hormone tanks as we age. You will also be able to purchase a dried urine strip testing kit, and we can ship it to you. This is cutting edge technology and gives us great information on your body and its hormones and adrenal glands, including how your body methylates and metabolizes its hormones. From there, you would make an appointment with our nurse practitioner, Angela, at either our Cincinnati or our Dayton location. She would use your test results and your body’s biofeedback to create a customized Bhrt (Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) strategy for you. Our compounding pharmacy would ship your hormone therapy to you, or you could stop by and pick it up on your way back home. At your 3 month follow-up appointment with Angela, she could work with you and your thyroid and our Thyroflex machine. We like to start our clients on hormone therapy before we address the thyroid. It seems to be easier on the body this way.
When I began my cottage 5+ years ago, my intention was to simply educate women on their bodies as they age. I looked around and saw young women in their 30s and 40s struggling with hormone imbalance issues of sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, fatigue, low libido, and weight gain. I recognized the great need that existed to educate women on hormone balance and their bodies. What I know is that our bodies begin to become hormonally imbalanced around the age of 35. Studies show we must refill our hormone tanks as we age so we can not only eradicate these hormone imbalance symptoms, but most importantly so we can live a high quality of life, disease-free. And we must continue to refill these hormone tanks throughout our life. If we don’t, how will our bodies perform all the jobs it needs to, as we age? It is this attendant loss of hormones that aren’t replaced, that contribute to heart disease, dementia, osteoporosis and breast cancer. You can go to my website at and click on “Resources/Readings” section to read the plethora of studies on this topic and the importance of refilling our hormone receptors as we age. Yet still, most of our doctors continue to believe outdated, archaic information that is perpetuated by the media, with the big pharma agenda. This is why we MUST take charge of our journey to our best health naturally. If we don’t, today is the best day we will have. This is why women all over the country are finding my Happy Hormone Cottage and are willing to make the trip to see our nurse practitioner, Angela. The fact that we are also a Suzanne Somers Forever Health affiliate gives us great credibility in this field of hormone replacement and wellness.
Long term side effects? A life of health! Why? Because we are not putting drugs masking as hormones into our bodies. We are refilling our hormone tanks with actual hormones made from plant-based powders that mimic the hormones our body used to make, but due to the aging process, no longer can. So the long term “side effect” is a life free from disease. Sadly, conventional standard of care in our country is not focused on wellness. It is focused on disease. Pharmaceutical companies make one size fits all drugs to band-aid symptoms. I want to help women find and fix the cause of their issues. See the difference? A life of disease vs a life of wellness. Which path will YOU choose? Women helping women for wellness.”

I So Wish You Had A Facility Here!

“Hi Lyn!
Thank you for taking the time to speak with me yesterday. My gyn is in the Orlando area. She has a good reputation for being the best in the area, however her practice has gotten so big that the last few times I have felt very rushed and I always have to wait at least an hour to see her. She is also big on recommending products she sells at the office…..not sure how I feel about that.
My anxiety has been off the charts. It’s a combination of hormones, work and taking care of my parents. My Mother has had a lot of health issues and is having another surgery this week.
I don’t handle stress well, although I’m working on it!
I did blood work for my doctor and am now using progesterone cream and a progesterone capsule at night. These have really helped my hot flashes. The compounding pharmacy that I use has been really helpful. They explain more about what I’m taking than my doctor did. My doctor wants me to take a saliva test next week. I did read on her website that she also uses urine testing.
I also wanted to thank you and Jeff for all you do for women, as this has been one of the most difficult things I’ve experienced. I know there is a lesson for me in this and feel that I can at least now guide other women when they go through this. As I told you yesterday, you just may see me in the near future at your facility in Ohio! Oh I SO wish you had a Happy Hormone Cottage here where I live!
Thank you again, Lyn! I really appreciate all of your help.”

My response:
“Hi! It is always my pleasure to speak with women and offer insight into dealing with hormone imbalance issues. Here is what I know- hormone imbalance is a part of the aging process for ALL women. It is how we handle this imbalance that is important. We can listen to the drug company rhetoric, that influences our doctors, our standard of care, what our insurance covers and even NAMS (North America Menopause Society) into believing that it is all about menopause so drugging for the masses for the shortest amount of time possible to alleviate symptoms with drugs dosed for the masses (including antidepressants and sleeping aids) is the way to go. Or we can own our journey to hormone balance and wellness by taking charge of our health. What we understand at our Happy Hormone Cottage, based on years of studies by doctors in this field, is that we MUST refill our hormone tanks as we age for a high quality of life and health. As Dr Prudence Hall says, “Hormones are to women, what water is to plants.” There is a great study on my website by Dr Erica Schwartz and Dr Kent Holtorf on “The Truth About Hormone Therapy”
that really stresses this truth about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. We can do nothing and have today be the best day we have OR we can take charge of our journey to our best health naturally and refill our hormone receptors that deplete with age. Doing this not only helps prevent the diseases that come with aging that are caused by this attendant decrease in hormones: heart disease, dementia, osteoporosis and breast cancer, but also alleviates the disruptive symptoms of our hormone imbalance: anxiety, sleeplessness, fatigue, low libido, brain fog, weight gain, and hot flashes.
It sounds like your doctor is on the right track, but we really like dried urine strip testing over blood, saliva or urine collection for checking hormones. Precision Analytical Lab in Oregon is our favorite lab for this innovative, cutting edge technology. It is easy to use and provides us with SO much valuable information about how our bodies are using our hormones. We can then use this information to create a great customized strategy for each woman for hormone balance with progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, as well as cortisol.
We don’t have plans to open any more Happy Hormone Cottages. Five is enough! But women are flying and driving in to see us from all over the country. This is so validating on so many levels and really shows me how this organic movement of women helping women has become so life-changing! I am also always available to come to your area to speak to groups of women who are interested in taking charge of their journey to their best health. This often starts with hormone balance. Getting educated and knowing the information that is out there is a good place to start. My book, Own Your Journey… Optimal Hormone Balance” (available on my website) is also a good resource.
Keep in touch. I hope to see you in Ohio (or northern Kentucky) at one of our Happy Hormone Cottage facilities. Best, Lyn”

My Five Year Reflection as Executive Director of The Happy Hormone Cottage

When I began my Happy Hormone Cottage endeavor 5 years ago, I just wanted to help women regain their joy of life. After my own journey into the world of hormone imbalance, when my husband went back to school to become trained as a compounding pharmacist so he could help me, I became aware of the magnitude and the severity of the lack of real information available to women in this arena of natural hormone balance. We go to our trusted doctors for help and for answers and herein lies the disconnect. This is the one area where the misinformation and confusion run rampant, and is often perpetuated by the media, with the big pharma agenda. There are tons of studies and books on natural hormone balance and the importance of replenishing our depleting hormone receptors as we age, to not only alleviate our symptoms (sleep issues, anxiety, depression, fatigue, irritability, low libido, hot flashes, brain fog, sugar cravings, weight gain) of hormone imbalance, but more importantly, to prevent disease (dementia, heart disease, osteoporosis and breast cancer.) Why aren’t these studies being discussed in the media? Why don’t our doctors know and understand the benefits, the necessity, of refilling our hormone receptors? Could it be because ob gyns join a group called ACOG (American college of obstetrics and gynecology) and I suspect ACOG is funded by a pharmaceutical company or two? Dr Prudence Hall is often quoted as saying, “Hormones are to women what water is to plants.” Why isn’t this truth more a part of standard of care? The bottom line is that it isn’t. So my job, my mission, my passion is to educate women on the importance of refilling our hormone tanks as we age. This is functional medicine at its best! Functional medicine is the study of our whole body (holistic health) and how to keep it running as a whole by focusing on preventing disease and finding/ fixing the cause of disease. This is a much different approach than current standard of care that band-aids symptoms and promotes the big pharma agenda of drugging for the masses. So here is where owning our journey comes into play. I hope the days of taking our doctors’ word as law are over and that we are encouraged to think for ourselves. This alone is reason to visit one of our 5 Happy Hormone Cottages where our biggest mission is offering educational consultations supported by studies and books on the subject, so women can own their journey to their best health naturally. After all, learning is a change in behavior, so educating ourselves on our options is the first step. I have seen a lot of growth in this area. More and more women are dissatisfied with this lack of information and options at their healthcare practitioners’ visits, so more and more women are coming in to see us.
Over the past 5 years, I have seen our happy clients tell their friends and inner circle, who have told their friends and inner circle so that we have exploded from one tiny cottage in the Heart of Centerville, to 5 different cottages in 5 different cities from north of Dayton to northern Kentucky. We have developed from just an educational facility to now include a medical facility as well. We now have our own hormone health expert working on 2 of our campuses. I call Angela, our nurse practitioner, our hormone whisperer, and we encourage our women to keep their ob gyns for their gyn needs, but to see our Angela for their hormone needs. After all, we take our pets to veterinary specialists and our broken cars to car experts. Why not take our hormone needs to a hormone specialist? Doesn’t this just make sense?
I have learned that we can’t treat sex hormones in isolation. We have much greater success when we also address our adrenal health and thyroid needs. Why? Because the body doesn’t work alone. So we heal it from the functional medicine holistic perspective.
During my tenure as executive director of the Happy Hormone Cottage, I have seen the healing effects of listening to and validating women. Everyone just wants to know they matter. When our women visit us, we listen, we validate, we educate, and empower, but at the end of the day, we make sure they know how much they matter to us.
I have learned that no matter how much I want to help every woman, I can really only help the ones who want to be helped. Those women who say, “My doctor says I’m fine,” or who balk when they have to pay for (some of) their medical care aren’t our clients. Our clients are those who think for themselves, ask questions, want to take charge of their health and are willing to make their best health a priority, no matter the cost. Our therapy is affordable, often reimbursable through insurance, but the bottom line is we always do what is most important to us. Our clients walk their talk of wanting to regain their best health naturally.
So where do I see us going over the next 5 years? I have been getting asked this question a lot lately. My answer? I don’t know but I’m open to the possibilities! I know I don’t want to live a small life. I want to live my life on purpose and my unique purpose involves serving people. I know I want to continue to think BIG! Over the past 5 years, I have written a book (Own Your Journey, available at my bookstore ) and I have just recently started a foundation, The Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation to raise money for the prevention of breast cancer. If we can predict it, we can prevent it. Personally, I can think of no greater cause. I know I want to educate and impact more and more women around the country through speaking engagements, my book, my foundation, my website, my blogs… and ultimately encourage them to come and see us at one of our Happy Hormone Cottages. We now have women calling us from all over the country as well as driving and flying in from as far away as Texas and Florida to visit us and our nurse practitioner. I find this amazing and I’m ever so grateful that our circle of influence is ever expanding. Our mission has always been, and will continue to be women helping women. It is important. To put it most simply, I just want to “Be the Change.” ~ Ghandi

Happy Hormone Cottage Forms Women’s Health Foundation to Prevent Breast Cancer

Lyn Hogrefe, CEO of Happy Hormone Cottage, LLC, has formed the Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation in Kettering, Ohio to fund research to discover the causes of breast cancers in women and seek preventative measures.

Lyn Hogrefe, a warrior for women’s wellness and CEO of Happy Hormone Cottage, LLC, has formed a nonprofit foundation dedicated to identifying breast cancer causes in women and seek ways to prevent it. Kelly Brown of West Carrolton, Ohio has been named executive director of the Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation in Kettering. Brown said the foundation aims to raise $100,000 to work with medical researchers to confirm the connection between estrogen metabolites and the development of certain types of breast cancer. Once connections are established, women can be tested for biomarkers and treated with supplementation and nutrition.

“If we can predict breast cancer, we can prevent it,” said Hogrefe. “There is a lot of focus in the medical community on women obtaining proper screening—and proper screening is always necessary– but screening is not the same as prevention. Screening is detection only. Prevention is taking steps with diet, nutrition, exercise and refilling depleted hormone receptors.”

A fundraiser and silent auction titled “Date Night Decadence” featuring wine, chocolate and coffee is planned for Saturday, Oct. 18 from 8 to 10 p.m. at Warehouse for Coffee, 335 S Dixie Dr. in Vandalia. An admission fee of $25 will go toward the breast cancer prevention initiative.

“Our foundation was formed to educate women about achieving optimal health through natural hormone balance, nutritional supplementation and healthy lifestyle choice,” said Brown. “We are laser-focused on funding research in the field of predicting which women may be prone to breast cancer and intervening before the disease has a chance to develop.”

About 232,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, and 40,000 women will die from it, according to the American Cancer Society. One in eight women will suffer from invasive breast cancer within her lifetime. Additionally, about 85 percent of breast cancers occur in women who have no family history of the
disease, according to

Hogrefe is founder of Happy Hormone Cottage, an education and resource center that tests women for hormone imbalances and treats themwith compounded prescription creams individualized to their specific hormone needs. HHC offices are in Kettering, Piqua, Vandalia, and Mason, Ohio and Crestview Hills, Kentucky.

More than 5,000 women across the Midwest have been treated by Happy Hormone Cottage so far, said Hogrefe. Women can obtain a free, initial consultation, and get their hormone, cortisol and thyroid levels tested. Compounded hormone prescriptions contain biestrogen, progesterone and testosterone, hormones that diminish in women after the age of 35 years old. Testing and treatment is now available for adrenal gland and thyroid issues.

Hogrefe has written Own Your Journey to Optimal Hormone Balance (New Leaf Press, April, 2014) a book on her personal journey to wellness through Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). She is an award-winning educator, a Top 25 Women to Watch, Athena Award finalist, Cincy Chic Woman of the Year, and a speaker, educator and blogger on women’s hormone health.  The book is available on the Happy Hormone Cottage website and in all of its five office locations. All book proceeds go to the foundation. For more information, go to To attend the “Date Night Decadence” fundraiser and silent auction, contact Brown at or call (937) 371-4838.

Screening is NOT Prevention

I just saw on Facebook a free app one can download from Premier Health: (and I quote) “Download our free checklist of Preventive Screenings for Women at various stages of life. Women’s Health Institute-Be proactive about your health by staying on top of necessary screenings and health care visits. Regular checkups and screenings are critical for women throughout their entire lives. Our checklist includes recommended screening for every phase of your life. Some of the screening include: breast cancer screening, thyroid disease screening, bone density/osteoporosis screening, cervical cancer, hearing exam and many more. Take the first step to a life-change today by downloading our free checklist of preventive screenings for women!”
Now, let me emphasize that I like the message–taking care of our health. There is nothing wrong with this or the checklist. After all, I just wrote a book entitled, “Own Your Journey….to Optimal Hormone Health,” and no one is more passionate about creating AND DOING checklists than me! But let me be the one to point out that SCREENING for disease IS NOT PREVENTION of disease. It is DETECTION! There is a world of difference between these 2 concepts. I am ALL about prevention. I think you might be challenged to find anyone anywhere who is more passionate about prevention of disease than me. After all, I founded my Happy Hormone Cottage 5 years ago to educate women on a darn good way to prevent: heart disease, osteoporosis, dementia and breast cancer. And I can tell you that refilling depleted hormone receptors that deplete as we age (starting at age 35 with progesterone) with physiological doses (exactly what each body needs based on viable lab work that is more inclusive than standard of care blood work) is KEY for the prevention of these diseases. This is true prevention….not screening for a disease. Because when you screen for a disease and find it….you already have it. So isn’t the term “preventive screening” an oxymoron? Unless you mean that if you detect the disease early enough through screening, it may prevent death.

Screening programs are vital for treating disease (not prevention OF the disease). The earlier illness is detected, often the better chance for successful treatment. As Jeff Hogrefe RPh, FAARM, writes in an earlier blog, ‘Open Letter to Dayton Daily News,’  “Early screening is NOT preventative medicine. It is simply early screening. I believe there is a strong correlation in the medical literature that having a vitamin D level in the 60-80 ng/ml reduces the risk of colon cancer 80-85%. Colonoscopies for detecting colon cancer are a great screening tool. Measuring vitamin D levels and supplementing to goal of 60-80 is preventative medicine. Screening for osteoporosis using dexascan is also a valuable tool. Understanding that the underlying cause of osteoporosis is a depletion in the hormones progesterone, estradiol, and testosterone in combination with excessive cortisol levels, then effectively correcting these imbalances is good preventative medicine. Contrast with current treatment strategies of using biphosphonates (Boniva) and high dose chalk (calcium carbonate) supplementation. According to the FDA, biphosphonates have only been shown to be safe and effective for maximum of 5 years (most menopausal women I know plan on living longer than 5 years). I have to believe there are better, smarter treatment strategies than the current standard of care.”

Wouldn’t it make more sense for us to spend our time and resources getting educated and then implementing ways to STAY HEALTHY? To me, this would be real prevention. For example, becoming aware of environmental toxins in the foods we eat, and in the products we use (using deoderants instead of anti-perspirants with aluminum chlorohydrate) would be a good place to start. How about understanding that taking 2000 mg per day of omega 3’s helps lower metabolism, pushes thyroid into the cells of the brain for brain clarity and reduces inflammation. Could we understand the negative impact that sugar plays in our health and then adopt eating strategies that incorporate eating less sugar? Pick up a copy of Dr David Purlmutter’s bestseller, “Grain Brain” to understand the role eating wheat flour plays in the heightened risk of Alzheimer’s and insulin resistance/diabetes. Invest in a copy of Dr Jeffrey Dach’s “Bioidentical Hormones 101……Made Exceedingly Simple” for real answers to the confusion in hormone therapy, often perpetuated by the media, with the big pharma agenda, and often written by ghostwriters hired by the pharmaceutical industry to downplay the risks of their products while shedding doubt on bioidentical hormones. These are just a few examples. Truly, one MUST Own Your Journey to your best health naturally. Doing this, in my mind, is the best prevention of disease we have.

To learn more about bhrt with customized, compounded hormone creams; adrenal health and thyroid health…along with a great life style change eating plan for losing weight and then keeping it off, connect with us at #womenhelpingwomen

We Love Helping Women of All Ages

Emails! I get emails! And my favorite ones are from the women we have helped along the way on their journey to their best health naturally. This first email below corrects the misconception that we are a menopause facility. We are not a menopause facility. I never use the word ‘menopause.’ We are a hormone imbalance educational facility as well as now a medical facility. Hormone imbalance is part of the aging process. As we begin to lose our hormones starting at right around age 35, we all experience a hormone imbalance. It is how we choose to proceed in dealing with this hormone imbalance that determines a life of wellness vs a life of disease. The choices run the gamut from doing nothing (denial), to using a drug-for-the-masses to control the symptoms of the hormone imbalance (hot flashes, fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, low libido, moodiness, osteopenia, brain fog….), to seeking to understand what is going on in our bodies by reading and educating ourselves. This is where my Happy Hormone Cottage comes into play. We now have 5 cottages in the greater Cincinnati-Dayton area to help women own their journey to wellness by holistically addressing the cause of their hormone imbalance and working to fix that. We recommend refilling our hormone tanks with customized, compounded bhrt that is created specifically for each woman based on her hormone testing. I met one woman recently at one of my book signing events, who said to me, ‘Oh I’m fine hormonally.” I asked, “How do you know you are fine?” She responded, “My doctor told me I was.” Hmmm. How does her doctor know she is fine? Did he run the typical blood work that, quite frankly, according to functional medicine experts doesn’t provide us with the information we need for wellness?The first step to solving any issue is the awareness that there is one.
This first email is from our 24 year old client whose Mom flew her in from the west coast because she had recently had a baby and was suffering from severe post partum depression. Her doctors put her on 3 antidepressants and a bipolar medication. When the Mom asked her daughter’s doctor to please check her hormones, the doctor replied, “Your daughter is too young to be experiencing hormone issues.” Luckily for her daughter, her Mom knew better, so flew her daughter to Ohio, where she lives, to see us. After checking her hormone levels, our nurse practitioner put her on our customized progesterone therapy and a couple of key supplements and within a few days, she began to feel better. By the 3rd month on therapy, she was off all her medication except for one antidepressant. Here is her recent email, “Hey Lyn. Things have been going great here. I have been feeling like my old self again and it has been amazing. Things have actually been going so good that my husband and I have decided to start trying for baby #2. I am meeting with ob/gyn here next week to talk to her about my supplements and my progesterone and have a plan in place in case I have bad post partum again next time. Thanks so much for everything.”
I received another email last week from Trisha (name has been changed) about our nurse practitioner: “Dear Angela, I want to thank you. Since I have been taking my hormone therapy, my blood pressure has been normal and I have been checking it 3 times a day. I have stopped taking my blood pressure medication and I am very grateful. I just wanted you to know.”
This makes me very happy because progesterone is a diuretic and also a vasodilator so lowers blood pressure. So my question is, why isn’t this a part of our current standard of care?
Maria writes, “Hello all! I have been on your hormone therapy for a year and a half and I have seen so many changes that make me happy! I just want to say thanks for all you do! I can’t tell you enough how much the hormone therapy has changed my life. I am so thankful for your help traveling down this path of natural hormone therapy.”
Helping women own their journey to their best health naturally is my passion. Educating women on their options, providing them with cutting edge technology to check their hormone levels, and then offering them an appointment with our nurse practitioner, who uses their hormone test results and their body’s biofeedback to craft a treatment plan specifically for each woman, is what we are all about. Hormones are to women what water is to plants. Refilling our hormone tanks is a life long strategy for wellness. Like brushing our teeth, the goal is prevention of disease. Do we deserve anything less?
For more information or to order Lyn’s new book, “Own Your Journey to Natural Hormone Balance,” go to Women helping women for wellness.

Happy Hormone Cottage Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Women talk, word spreads, and HHC continues to grow.
Five years ago, Lyn Hogrefe rented a small, stone cottage in the heart of Centerville, Ohio as a place for women to share their health stories and learn how to achieve a hormonally- balanced life. She called her quaint meeting place the Happy Hormone Cottage (HHC), and what she thought would be an education forum caught fire with women who questioned their doctors’ assertions that their hot flashes, lack of sexual desire, weight gain, and sleeplessness were normal aspects of aging. A 30-year educator who underwent an emergency hysterectomy at the age of 49, Hogrefe didn’t have a business plan, much less an idea that Happy Hormone Cottage would grow into a successful business with five offices in five years. She just wanted to help women by sharing what she learned about bioidentical hormones. “This is a passion,” said Hogrefe. “I never translated it in writing to a business plan because to me it was never a business. I just wanted to help women. HHC grew organically from demand. I just happen to fill a niche of women helping women. “

Hogrefe listened as women as young as 20-somethings told her of perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms that escalated into adrenal and thyroid problems—and shared with them that a healthy diet, exercise, and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) could alleviate or even eliminate their symptoms. “Hormones are to women like water is to plants,” said Hogrefe, chief executive officer of Happy Hormone Cottage based in Kettering, Ohio. “When your hormones are depleted or out of balance, your health is compromised. Thyroid, adrenals and sex hormones are all linked. We can help women monitor and maintain their hormone balance.” Women began to feel better, so they told their friends and inner circles, who told their friends and inner circles. Five years later, Hogrefe has a necklace of five offices along the I-75 corridor strung from Dayton to northern Kentucky that have helped more than 5,000 women get tested, treated and feel better. HHC offices are in Piqua, Vandalia, Kettering and Mason, Ohio and Crestview Hills, Kentucky. Hogrefe has had women from as far away as Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama drive or fly to Ohio to meet with a Happy Hormone Cottage consultant and nurse practitioner Angela Rothstein.

“This tells me that women are not satisfied with conventionally-trained doctors’ current standard of care that supports a big pharma agenda,” said Hogrefe. “Women are questioning doctors who tell them their hormone levels are within normal range when they know they feel awful. What is normal for each woman is unique to her. We listen to women, validate their feelings about their health and help them get tested, treated and better.” Women can obtain a free, initial consultation, and get their hormone , cortisol and thyroid levels tested. A compounded, personalized prescription of hormone cream containing biestrogen, progesterone and testosterone is then created for each woman based on her hormone needs. Each client’s adrenal glands and thyroid issues are also addressed in the same customized, personalized manner because each woman is different, added Hogrefe. Hogrefe has written Own Your Journey to Optimal Hormone Balance (New Leaf Press, April, 2014) a book on her personal journey to wellness through BHRT. She is also a speaker, educator and blogger on women’s hormone health. The book is available on the Happy Hormone Cottage website and in all its office locations. As Happy Hormone Cottage moves into its sixth year, it is and will continue to be an endeavor of the heart– women helping women by educating, empowering and committing them to attain their best health naturally, Hogrefe said. “We just began listening to women and validating them to figure out how to solve their hormone imbalance issues at the root level,” said Hogrefe. “When we fix the issue and prevent disease that is based on the biochemistry of the body at the same time,, we get results. Women talk and word spreads. We continue to grow.”

Hogrefe’s next book signing will be held Tuesday, Sept 16 at Nonnie Waller’s Cross Pointe Town Center, 101 E. Alex-Bell Road in Centerville, Ohio. For a complete schedule of Happy Hormone Cottage events, go to For more information, go to , email or call (513) 444-6343.