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American Idol alumnus Savion Wright and me
American Idol alumnus Savion Wright and me
American Idol alumnus Alexis Gomez and me.
Lyn with Emmitt Smith
Lyn with Emmitt Smith



I am a high energy educator at heart, and a women’s advocate for their best health naturally. My passion is speaking with women across the country to inspire, educate and empower them on their journey to feeling their best. As a 30 year veteran teacher I have the gift of keeping my audience engaged and entertained, while at the same time learning valuable information about their bodies, optimal hormone balance, anti-aging and disease prevention. I always speak from the heart and engage my audience with authenticity and integrity.

Director Happy Hormone Cottage, Owner Piqua Medicine Shoppe

I successfully speak to a variety of venues, from women’s church groups to large national organizations. The groups can range from a dozen to several hundred. The women find they are in a safe environment where they can ask questions and feel validated in an area of women’s health that has long been neglected by current standard of care. I provide information they will not hear at their doctor’s office. I clear up the confusion and miscommunication in the area of hormones and hormone balance. I inspire my listeners to take charge of their health and begin their paradigm shift from band aiding their issues to finding the cause of their issues. I educate them in this area of Functional Medicine, which is holistic health and anti-aging at its best.





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December 10, 2016
  • Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine

    When: December 10, 2016

    Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA


    A4M Convention & Trade Show

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