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Lyn Hogrefe

Lyn with Suzanne Somers in Las Vegas
Lyn with Emmitt Smith
Lyn with Emmitt Smith in Las Vegas




I am a high energy educator at heart, and a women’s advocate for their best health naturally. My passion is speaking with women across the country to inspire, educate and empower them on their journey to feeling their best. As a 30 year veteran teacher I have the gift of keeping my audience engaged and entertained, while at the same time learning valuable information about their bodies, optimal hormone balance, anti-aging and disease prevention. I always speak from the heart and engage my audience with authenticity and integrity.

Founder and Executive Director Happy Hormone Cottage, Founder Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation, Co-Founder Collective Wellness Partners

Lyn Hogrefe

Positively impactful women’s health advocate

Speaker Topics


Health & Wellness
Addressing the needs of our bodies from a Functional Medicine approach. Understanding that our body works together as a whole unit, so when things go wrong, identifying the underlying cause to FIX the issue is key; and doing so from a WHOLE body perspective. Defining key components of WELLNESS for the long term and answering the question, “What are the best choices I can make for my overall long term wellness?”


Prevention of Disease
A discussion of the importance of the choices we make every day today for our quality of life for our tomorrows. Understanding underlying causes of disease and what we can do every day to help prevent this disease from manifesting. An overview of nutrition, exercise, supplementation, drinking water…..and other key elements that support overall wellness. Understanding the importance of the gut-brain relationship will also be shared.


Natural Hormone Balance
Exploration of Hormone Imbalance Issues

  • what they are
  • how they are caused
  • standard of care vs alternative therapies

Tasks of Hormones

  • sex hormones
  • adrenal glands
  • thyroid

Optimal Hormone Balance

  • A Second Look at Pellets and Why We are Opposed to them
  • Clearing up the misconceptions

Taking Charge of Your Journey to Wellness
What does it mean to Own Your Journey to wellness?
Do you have what it takes to feel better?
Learning how to live our best lives naturally. Education, awareness and empowerment are critical to creating the necessary changes needed in today’s society to make the best choices we can for our long term health.
Long term Health = Prevention of Disease = Wellness.


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March 9, 2019
  • Springboro Chamber “That Spring Thing”

    When: March 9, 2019

    Location: 1675 S Main St, Springboro, OH 45066, USA


    March 9
    Springboro Chamber “That Spring Thing”
    Springboro High School
    1675 S Main St in Springboro
    Free admission
    200+ vendors and food booths
    Happy Hormone Cottage is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor!

April 6, 2019
  • Victory of Light

    When: April 6, 2019


    April 6-7
    Sharonville Convention Center
    All day
    HHC will have a booth
    Lyn will speak (details to follow)

April 9, 2019
  • Spring Fling Fashion Show and Luncheon

    When: April 9, 2019


    Tuesday, April 9, 11-1
    Dayton Art Museum
    Proceeds to benefit New Hope for Cancer
    Keynote Speaker: Dr Mark Rosenberg, founder of New Hope for Cancer
    $69 per person
    All models are cancer survivors

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